Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting Going...

So, Charlie and I decided that we don't have enough people in this family, and have started down the road of adoption.Remove Formatting from selection Chase and Graham can't possibly understand it, but they seem all on board when we talk about "your baby sister from Russia". Chase likes to put toys in her room so she will have them, and insists on calling her Rosie. I have no idea why.

We have completely hit the ground running. The woman at our agency told us that it took many families two to three months to complete their first dossier (basically a whole bunch of papers that the Russian government uses to determine what baby we get). Charlie said that it totally depends on which Mica (i.e. Varsity or 7th grade B-team) showed up to complete it on how long it would take. It took me about 32 hours to get the whole thing together, we are now waiting on the social worker to complete her FOUR TO SIX WEEK process. Grr. I took Charlie's comment as a personal challenge, and it drives me crazy that I can't make it go any faster.

Today I had a doctor's appointment for my home study physical. I went to a new doctor (because I hadn't started seeing a family practice person since we moved to Indiana) who was very nice and told me that I am fit as a fiddle and that I needed a Hepatitis A and B immunization series if I was going to be hanging around in Russia. Now my arm is killing me, but it did give me a whole new sense of empathy for the boys getting their pig flu shots tomorrow.

We got a very nice email from our agency today detailing the other families' progress. It seems like it should be about 12-18 months until we get home with our new baby, who will be born sometime after April, 2009, so she won't be an artificial twin with Graham.

We are really excited about this, and it has been nice how people have responded. I was eating lunch in a cafe on our courthouse square filling out a form for our house deed, and the waitress asked what my "court business" was (I did not make that up. She really said "court business", but more like "court bizness") and I told her. She said "Oh, I have been to Russia four times because my friend adopted two kids that I traveled with her for!" So she fixed herself a sandwich and sat down to visit. Our church has a lot of adopted kids (okay, not a lot, but it seems like a lot) and those moms have been very sweet offering their wisdom.

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