Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Most exciting Word document of my life

Today I was settling in for a little naptime Tivo catch-up (found Kevin and Kitty's trip to the high school reunion kind of silly) and email check when what to my wondering eyes should appear but OUR HOMESTUDY! So what if it was just a draft and kind of grammatically incorrect? So what if I graduated from a college I didn't attend? All of these things are totally fixable, and puts us just a little closer to our baby.

The big missing part? My letters of recommendation from friends (not family. They were very clear on that). So now I am going to start sending pleading emails and cajoling phone calls.

Since this afternoon I have become somewhat obsessed with getting a new car that has a bench second row so that all three kids can sit in carseats in my armreach. Charlie has done a whole heap of eye rolling tonight.

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